Purging (1)

When truth roars from beneath a child's breast, A mob of bewildered creature strangles it. Hush! But these screams never die, for another is born. A life daring to be purged, or spent, or lived. One day at a time, one more night spent with the starless sky.   Comfort©2019 Photo by icon0.com from Pexels  

A Bit of The Field on my Table

  Originally published on http://www.maadimessenger.comNature has always nurtured humans with breath-taking beauty. The sort of beauty that sure melts the heart - impeccable, wild but tender bloom of seasonal flowers. Isn’t it interesting how flower power can set the style and tone for an occasion? With every change and challenge, nature’s bounty ascends the height,... Continue Reading →

What is Pure in Love?

Heartless, caustic saint, creature of ageless insanity, singing over needy souls, glowing like lilies of the field, easy to stumble upon. The tears of one wounded lover and another, begging to be pierced once more, Unabated! Only what folly could hide. A gentle boat filled with blinded, passionate lovers rolling down lofty paths. Most virtuous,... Continue Reading →

Chasing meaning or making meaning?

People don't start living the day they are born. It's like we are here and not here. This life is a blessing and a burden at the same time. And we can either embrace it, roll up our sleeves, and make the best out of what we've got. Or we can just numb everything and... Continue Reading →

Find me the balance

I was taught, made to believe that putting myself first is wicked, selfish. It's almost three-decade now Feeling misplaced, out of balance. The light went out for me to finally see... that I am no good to anyone when I am out of balance. I have no light to bring the world when mine is... Continue Reading →

Precious One

Gemstones are precious but your soul is more. Eternally wild and delicate, treasured on nature's palm. Glorious boom, replenishing, riding on Ocean's breast. Where light fills the day, moon singing silent melodies, calling nature to rest. All share this harmony but You. All but You.   2018 © Comfort, Photo by Pixshark

Morning love

Morning love, glittering lamps mesmerizing this youthful eyes. Bright and bland, exuberant, impressive! Angels of daylight,aching for thorned roses,not minding the harsh sunlight,and baked soil. Still, this day is young.Remind me of morning love when night falls.Count the sticks of red thorny roses from nights bleeding hands Comfort (c) 2018 Photo on Pexel

I’m back!

I was gone awhile. Yes, my life took a different turn. The craziness of college life and a new Job that I’m grateful for. All is well. And I'm still breathing! How fantastic! I fantasized about my readers during my absence. I missed my fellow bloggers. And I’m Back. The foundations are shaken, And lies... Continue Reading →

Take the “doing” direction

I was set free, because my greatest fear had been realized, and I was still alive ― J.K. Rowling   The consequence of failure I’ve had to endure in 3 decades of living is actually not trying when I knew I could have done something; I could have changed the game. I dislike the English subjunctives;... Continue Reading →


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